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    Imicure EMI-24 curing agent is a liquid imidazole which functions as both a curing agent and a cure accelerator for high-performance epoxy resin systems.


    Imicure AMI-1 curing agent is a liquid, elevated-temperature curing agent for epoxy resins.


    Imicure AMI-2 curing agent is an elevatedtemperature curing agent for epoxy systems.

  • IMICURE Imidazole

    Imicure imidazole curing agent is an elevated-temperature curing agent for epoxy resins.

  • InuMax Advanced Retinol

    InuMax Advanced Retinol enables formulators to benefit from a high-load of stabilized retinol appropriate for making retinol use-level label claims in their products, while providing consumers with notably lower irritation and better efficacy than free retinol. It uses the InuMax delivery technology to enhance the bioavailability of retinol to the skin.

  • Isoamyltriphenylphosphonium bromide

    • CAS name: Phosphonium, (3-methylbutyl)triphenyl-, bromide
    • CAS number: 28322-40-9
    • Formula: C23H26BrP
    • Code: ITB
    • Synonyms: Isopentyltriphenylphosphonium bromide
    Phosphonium, isopentyltriphenyl-, bromide (3-Methylbutyl)triphenylphosphonium bromide Isoamyltriphenylphosphonium bromide
    • Molecular weight: 413.34 g/mol
    • Related reactions: Phosphonium salts and phosphoranes
    Wittig Reactions   

  • iso-Butane

    iso-Butane especially manufactured and purified for use as aerosol propellant.

  • Isobutene

    Isobutene is a starting material or monomer for the production of various polymers or products such as: Butyl Rubber, polyisobutylene, polymethylacrylate. Further it is used as intermediate for the production of various chemical substances and products.

  • Isobutyltriphenylphosphonium bromide

    • CAS name: Phosphonium, (2-methylpropyl)triphenyl-, bromide
    • CAS number: 22884-29-3
    • Formula: C22H24BrP
    • Code: TIP
    • Synonyms: Isobutyltriphenylphosphonium bromide
    Phosphonium, isobutyltriphenyl-, bromide 2-Methylpropyltriphenylphosphonium bromide
    • Molecular weight: 399.31 g/mol
    • Related reactions: Phosphonium salts and phosphoranes
    Wittig Reactions   

  • ISOLAN® GI 34
  • ISOLAN® GO 33

    Emulsifier for cosmetic W/O creams containing emollients with a medium and low polarity.


    W/O emulsifier for low viscous lotions with a very light skin feel. Allows the formulation of W/O lotions with a very low content of oil phase providing a pleasant, non-oily skin feel. Excellent emulsion stabilization properties even at low concentrations (2–3%).


    Sugar-based, nonionic co-emulsifier for W/O creams with moisturizing properties.


    PEG-free emulsifier fully based on renewable sources. Excellent stabilization of W/O creams and lotions with a caring and rich skin feel. Compatible with all kinds of cosmetic oils and commonly used active ingredients.

  • ISOLAN® 17 MB

    Natural-based W/O emulsifier with outstanding stabilization properties, even for challenging systems (e.g. aerosols, natural quick-breaking systems). Provides excellent formulation versatility with regard to viscosity, oil phase content and with difficult to incorporate ingredients (e.g. high electrolyte or pigment load). A certified natural composition to discover and expand your portfolio of high performance natural W/O emulsions.

  • Isononanol

    C4-based alcohol which is predominantly used as a key component for the manufacturing of high performance plasticizers which can be used in a broad range of applications. ;

  • Isooctyl chloride
  • Isotridecanol

    ITDA is a high-quality intermediate for the versatile and safe usage in the manufacturing of surfactants.

  • iXsenic®

    iXsenic describes a material toolbox for solution-processable oxide thin film transistors (TFTs) and other thin film devices.

  • INHIBITOR Series

    Various inhibitors for adjusting the potlife of addition-curing silicones.

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