The second Generation:

The use of second generation raw materials for the manufacture of biodiesel is not in competition with their use for food purposes – and their use is equally as functional and cost-effective as the first generation. This is the goal.

The focus is on the testing of raw materials based on jatropha, algae, pongamia and other alternatives. The most promising of these: Jatropha curcas from the spurge family. The oil plant known as physic nut is not suitable for food purposes and offers important advantages:

  • It does not compete with food production

  • It grows in desert-like conditions

  • The plant has very low requirements regarding soil and irrigation

  • It can help to protect against erosion

  • It creates jobs


Evonik’s research department is working hard to develop the perfect formulas. For each promising new raw material, for different quality profiles of the oils.