SPHERILEX® 147 (Cleaning Enhancing Silica)

SPHERILEX® 147 synthetic amorphous silicon dioxide has a unique spherical particle shape and a narrow particle size distribution. The SPHERILEX® production technology, located in Hamina, Finland, allows for the particle size and shape to be controlled during the precipitation process. This patented process results in materials with a high level of consistency, particularly in particle shape, particle size and particle size distribution. SPHERILEX® 147 is designed to be used at a low loading level in toothpaste to enhance cleaning (PCR). The product should be used at 2-6% loading in conjunction with standard ZEODENT® products, such as ZEODENT® 113. High PCR values have been obtained at loading levels as low as 3%.


Spherical particle morphology Narrow particle size distribution High cleaning (PCR) at low loading levels Recommended use levels of 2-6% Acceptable abrasion characteristics (RDA)