ZEOLEX® 35P Sodium Aluminosilicate is chemically synthesized using state-of-the art manufacturing technology. Statistical process control and statistical quality control ensure quality uniformity of ZEOLEX® 35P Sodium Aluminosilicate. ZEOLEX® 35P Sodium Aluminosilicate has the lowest surface area and lowest binder demand within the Zeolex family of synthetic silicates. The complex particle morphology of ZEOLEX® 35P Sodium Aluminosilicate helps achieve uniform sheen and excellent touch-up with minimal impact on PVC dependent properties like burnish and scrub.Only available in North America


High brightness Promotes sheen uniformity and good touch-up qualities Improves color pigment/ TiO2 dispersion Chemical inertness provides excellent compatibility with other paint raw materials Helps buffer pH in water borne systems using anionic dispersants Equally suited to solvent or water borne systems