ZEOLEX® 94HP Sodium Magnesium Aluminosilicate is used as a high performance titanium dioxide (TiO2) extender and sheen control agent in paints and coatings. ZEOLEX® 94HP Sodium Magnesium Aluminosilicate was designed to be a 3-for-4 replacement product. For example, when using 100 kg per batch of calcined clay it can be replaced with 75 kg of ZEOLEX® 94HP and 25 kg of calcined clay for comparable brightness and opacity with improved overall physical properties of the film. ZEOLEX® 94HP Sodium Magnesium Aluminosilicate has better performance properties than calcined clay, including high brightness and improved opacity in architectural interior flat paints.


Consistent sheen control High brightness Low specific gravity Reduces TiO2 loading High opacity Delivers improved performance properties Overall balance of performance properties in conjunction with TiO2 replacing benefits Equally effective in solvent born and water born systems