The highly dispersible silica (HDS) products provide solutions to improve the performance and fuel efficiency of OEM and replacement tires. ZEOPOL® 8755LS Silicon Dioxide allows for reduced CO2 emissions by providing better fuel efficiency through reduced tire rolling resistance. In addition, ZEOPOL® 8755LS Silicon Dioxide allows the compounder to improve e.g. wet traction and braking, wear and rolling resistance properties in passenger green tires. The ZEOPOL® Silicon Dioxide products are fproduced for low development during usage and easy mixing to provide the rubber compounder with the optimal application solution.


Used when superior reinforcement is desired Improved fuel efficiency due to reduced tire rolling resistance Improved tire performance such as wet traction and braking, wear Lower surface area for reduced compound viscosity and improved processability at equal mixing energy compared with conventional silica Superior tear, fatigue and abrasion resistance vs. conventional silica Performs efficiently with coupling agents Significantly reduced tan-delta and heat build-up vs. carbon black under dynamic conditions