ZEOFREE® PLUS 5781 silicon dioxide is an extremely absorptive, medium particle size carrier that allows liquids to be converted into a convenient free-flowing powder for easy processing and handling. Effective carrying and powderization of liquids requires balancing the carrying capacity of the carrier, the viscosity of the liquid, the liquid droplet size when sprayed onto the powder and the mixing rate – all at the same time. ZEOFREE® PLUS 5781 silicon dioxide is specifically engineered to be used when you need the highest level of carrying capacity for the most challenging applications. So, whether you need to make a dry liquid concentrate (DLC) for a food, detergent, agricultural or industrial application, Evonik has a broad portfolio of high performance carriers to suit a wide range of applications.


Highest carrying capacity Clean convenient handling Accurate dosing and weighing Create combinations of liquids that can be easily added as one powdered ingredient such as detergents Shorter cycle times Less loss of material Tasteless carrier will not add flavor