VP Disp. W 640 XC2

VP Disp. W 640 XC2 is an alumina dispersion with a high solid content, special anionic stabilization and a neutral to basic pH.


Applications Ready-to-use binder for investment casting. Especially suitable for single crystal casting and directional solidification with superalloys. Slurries prepared with alumina and zirconia powders show excellent stability over several months Ceramic applications Applications that require anionic surface charge and/or neutral to basic pH Properties Contains wetting agent to improve wettability of wax Contains polymer to increase shell green strength Anionic (negative) surface charge as a result of special stabilization High solid content Superior rheological behavior Easy to handle Appearance VP Disp. W 640 XC2 is a milky-white, water-based liquid. * Developmental products are labeled with the VP designation. Commercialization depends on market response.