VARONIC® DM-55 is a mixture of polyethylene glycol dimethyl ethers, containing predominately four or more ether linkages.


Gas Purification: Polyethylene glycol dimethyl ethers have been used for removing acid gas contaminates from natural gas and hydrogen streams for over 50 years. Evonik has supplied this application since 1968. VARONIC® DM-55 is the result of many years of product performance and cost optimization. The use of polyethylene glycol dimethyl ethers is well known for removal of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide from sour natural gas at pipeline conditions. Light hydrocarbons can also be removed by selecting the process conditions properly. It is also used to remove carbon dioxide from synthesis gas hydrogen for the production of ammonia. Cleaning: VARONIC® DM-55 can be used as a low VOC solvent for cleaning and stripping formulations. VARONIC® DM-55 can replace butyl ethylene glycol n-butyl ether while maintaining your formula’s cleaning performance.