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TEGO® Antifoam represents a range of high-performance defoamers for fossil diesel and also for use in B5/B10 biodiesel. Based on the technology of organo-modified siloxanes, the products are tailored for different fuel qualities and additive combinations. The siloxane backbone ensures low surface tension - one of the basic requirements for a high-performance defoamers. The stability and tolerance is the result of the design of the organic ligands. All TEGO® Antifoam defoamers combine excellent properties with regard to long-term performance, stability in the diesel additive packages (DAPs) and high compatibility in the overall system. TEGO® Antifoam MR 465

TEGO® Antifoam MR 465

TEGO® Antifoam MR 465 is our standard product for “dry and wet fuels”. Compared to typical products in the market, minimal application concentrations are sufficient to ensure highly satisfactory defoaming.

TEGO® Antifoam MR 467

In addition to the specified properties of TEGO® Antifoam MR 465, TEGO® Antifoam MR 467 offers further defoaming advantages in the area of “wet fuels” and is well suited to use in DAPs with a high cetane-improver content. Here too, minimal application concentrations are sufficient to achieve the desired result.


Offers a lower-cost alternative for use in mainly dry diesel.

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