a fuel with a promising future

Biodiesel the trendsetter

Of the alternative sources of energy that are being debated, one is long established: biodiesel. An obligatory admixture to fossil diesel in many countries, the green fuel is a trendsetter and has advantages for people, the climate, and the environment:

  • lower CO2 emissions
  • less particulate in exhaust gas
  • biodiesel is not considered in dangerous good
  • biodiesel is biologic degradable

We’ve been following the development of biodiesel since the start of commercial production. In addition to traditional feedstock, we now focus on the raw materials of the second generation, principally Jatropha curcas or algae, the exploitation of which doesn’t conflict with food production. Our product portfolio is customized to the special requirements in the manufacture and use of this modern high-tech fuel:

  • alkoxides as catalysts for efficient transesterification
  • defoamers for the effective use of biodiesel blends
  • flow CFI's for outstanding low-temperature characteristics in all regions in any season
  • specialty polyamide 12 compounds for special, stable automotive components
  • process technology consulting services

Thanks to local representative offices around the world and production facilities in Europe and the United States, we create the conditions for ensuring that your growing raw materials requirements for biodiesel production are met locally, inexpensively, quickly, and sustainably.